Rethinking Our Vision of Success: A Conversation with Robert Pollack

October 10, 2019

Professor Robert Pollack was part of a podcast hosted by Edge regarding the future of our species, and how our species can best prepare for that future.

Quote: How do we understand that our 100,000-fold excess of numbers on this planet, plus what we do to feed ourselves, makes us a tumor on the body of the planet? I don't want the future that involves some end to us, which is a kind of surgery of the planet. That's not anybody's wish. How do we revert ourselves to normal while we can? How do we re-enter the world of natural selection, not by punishing each other, but by volunteering to take success as meaning success and survival of the future, not success in stuff now? How do we do that? We don't have a language for that.

The video, audio, and full transcript can all be found here.