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Advanced Directives Review

The advanced care directives review project was inspired by the complicated issues that often arise in the process of putting together patients’ advanced care plans in the nursing home setting. The project has two parts: the first is an inventory of patients’ advanced care plans, and the frequency with which these plans are updated, especially when serious changes to a patient’s health or diagnosis occur. The second is an assessment of whether these ACPs align with the principles of Goal-Concordant Care. The project is being undertaken at Mary Manning Walsh nursing home.

Recent Publication

Who’s Responsible for Mental Health on College Campuses? Student and Administrative Perspectives at Columbia University

Mariel Sander


June 07, 2020

How CRISPR technology can solve our COVID-19 testing problems

This op-ed advocates for a CRISPR based COVID test that could be used at home.  The authors believe that such a technology would allow for much more widespread testing, thus allowing for the country, and the world, to re-open from this pandemic more safely.  This article not only explores the benefits of such a technology, but also the possible ethical ramifications and how they can be addressed.