Afua Addo

Previous Alumni

Afua Addo is a student at Columbia College graduating in 2020. She is currently majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior, and as an RCSS intern she will be working with Shalom Omollo on the Dinner Series project as well has planning the Marginalization in Medicine Conference this fall. She hopes that these projects will connect undergraduate students to medical and public health professionals in their fields of interest, but at the same time change the way expert knowledge is perceived in medicine today. By encouraging marginalized perspectives and putting an emphasis on the many unique and equally important avenues one can take to be apart of or impact the medical field, these projects can accomplish just that. Afua is also a member of the Sulzer lab at CUMC which studies dopamine systems in the brain and their dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases. She is heavily involved with RUF, a Christian fellowship group, as well as GlobeMed on campus.