Dennis Zhang


Dennis Zhang is a Columbia College senior studying Biology. He is fascinated by genetics and precision medicine, and enjoys exploring these fields through interdisciplinary lenses. Currently, he is the tech/outreach director for the RCSS.

Previously, he revived the "At Your Service" (AYS) volunteer program by working closely with the staff at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, where he spent summer of 2023 volunteering in the Huntington's disease care unit.

Alongside Theo Nelson CC'24, he also designed and co-taught an advanced biology lab course for underserved high schoolers at the Double Discovery Center, where he previously taught a seminar called "Modern Genetics: Science, History, Ethics."

Outside of the RCSS, Dennis develops novel gene editing tools in the Sternberg lab, as well as conducts bioethics research on precision medicine. He also leads a mentorship program for youth with sickle cell disease called STRIVE. In his free time, he is an avid podcast listener, plays the guitar, and can either be found deep in Dodge gym or running along the Hudson