Phalaen Chang

New Alumni

During her time at Columbia, Phalaen (CC'23) studied Neuroscience and Public Health. As an RCSS intern, she was inspired by the class "(Y)our Longer Life" to start the Intergenerational Narrative Medicine Workshops. These workshops brought together a small cohort of undergraduate students and older members of the Morningside Heights community in conversations through the lens of narrative medicine. She was moved by the heart, perspective, and vulnerability of the participants and thankful for all the support she received in starting the project and its continuation after her graduation. 

During her last year as an RCSS intern, Phalaen also volunteered at Terence Cardinal Cooke (TCC) through the At Your Service project, and has many fond memories of getting to know the residents. She is also working on bringing music to the residents through coordinating volunteer opportunities for musicians at a local arts high school to bring their music to TCC. As a musician herself, she is excited to see how these performances and connections through music could comfort residents.

She is so grateful for the opportunities and connections RCSS has given her during her time at Columbia. The independence and support she has received has given her the confidence to work with peers through organizations like the Columbia Neuroscience Society to coordinate other new independent projects with support from public outreach grants from Zuckerman Institute. She hopes that whatever she ends up doing in the near future, she can continue to have a positive impact on those around her.