Samia Abedin

Previous Alumni

Samia Abedin, a junior at Columbia College, is majoring in Medicine, Literature, and Society on the pre-medical track. She is interested in studying the intersection between culture and human rights with medicine on a global scale. In Fall 2016, her experiences with Contemporary Civilization and the RCSS course AMST UN3930: Life at the End of Life has made her think a lot about emotions in relation to the soul. Her long term companion (LTC), an elderly resident, at TCC has left a lasting impression on her. Despite his approaching the end of his life, he lives immortality through the life she lives, the lives of those who she has shared his stories with, and those she hopes to continue sharing his stories with. As much as she’s impacted him, he has impacted her. This symbiotic relationship between her and her LTC inspires her current efforts to create an intergenerational housing opportunity between Columbia’s undergrad students and elderly residents of a long term care facility.