[Past Project] Agora Project

As a result of the COVID pandemic of 2020 we’re to interact with the world at a minimum distance of 6 feet. We’re increasingly visual in communication and physically distant for many months now. 

Additionally, many cultural centers globally are shut down and most of their content is shown on social media platforms. The Agora Project is a survey that investigates to what extent students miss the experience of being in a gallery space together, as well as their skills in visual analysis and literacy. 

The symposium global group has realized an absence of conversations surrounding masterpieces as well as those that revolve around art and visual analysis.  This project seeks to integrate critical conversations about artworks into the fabric of symposium global. The backbone of this is a strong foundation of visual literacy, which is integral to cultural literacy. Fostering this skill becomes increasingly vital when it comes to issues of representation and race in visual arts and media. This project is less issue and time-oriented, and more rhetoric and analysis oriented.