[Past Project] A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics and the American Dream

A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics and the American Dream—A Visual Telling of the Petition to Rename the Building Formerly Known as Thorndike Hall to Edmund W. Gordon Tower at Columbia University's Graduate School of Education, Health and Psychology

An ArcGIS StoryMaps visual telling documenting the historical timeline of events that occurred from the film screening in Schermerhorn Hall on February 27th, 2018 of A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics and the American Dream documentary about genetics, eugenics, and social inequality in the United States, featuring Professor Bob Pollack as a key expert; to the unanimous historic board of trustees vote to remove the name of a eugenicist off of a Teachers College, Columbia University campus building on July 15, 2020; to the ultimate call to action from the School of General Studies' Social Justice Medicine group and Teachers College Students for Gordon Tower to rename the building formerly known as Thorndike Hall to Dr. Edmund W. Gordon Tower—after a prominent African American clinical and educational psychologist. Professor Gordon could reasonably be called one of the leading psychologists of our era and "the premier black psychologist" (Gross, 2003, para. 1).